Benefits 2023

Employee Cool Beans  (2023)

The following is an abstract from our orientation training page

    • All Staff discounts are available at wholesale cost.   If you want to participate in the staff discount, create your Customer Profile first and request Leo to convert it to an Staff Account.  You can open a tap (not for beers or cocktails), for any services you use onto your store ACCOUNT and can pay cash at the beginning of each month or be debited on the next month’s paycheck.  The best practice requires (1) all transactions to be recorded to encourage honesty and avoid confusion among staff.  (2) To receive discount, Select your name in POS first, before you enter your transactions.
      are at cost or usually credited free, such as Copies $0.10, Notary $1, Faxing $0.20 (are recorded for tax purposes).
      CARRIER SHIPPING will be adjusted after the carrier bills and you can see the rebate credits on the statements next month.
    • Student Staff freebie are entitled to 20 free B/W photocopies each month for work-study, but you are still required to enter the transaction against your staff account.  Additional copies will be about 10 cents a copy.
    • Alumni Club – local students who have graduated and moved on, can continue to work on Saturdays or be in the pool of substitutes to stay in touch!  You will be pleased to know that there is always a place here for homemakers and in between unexpected life event changes.  This is also essential to help ensure you accumulate your annual 4 social security credits at an early age. We love to see you around, stay in touch.
    • Breaks: The industry standard does not include any paid breaks for hourly wage employees, but for a work day that lasts over 5 hours, you are welcome to take a paid 15 minutes break, go buy lunch.  In addition, during quiet time, you can continue your lunch or tea by the courtyard or project room, while staying in view (project room). Check with your teammates occasionally.   Staff who work 1/2 day, should have their lunch after or before the shift.  Per customer’s request, hot dishes should be eaten outside or in the office.  Do not abuse the benefit.
    • Free H&R Federal Tax e-filing Feb-Apr
    • Earn Food/Book Award Cards. Unique to our progressive business model, twice a year (July 4, Dec 31st) permanent active employees who have worked 6 months and have met all the Employee Requirements can receive awards or Student Spend Card!. This program is calculated by dividing the number of hours worked for the past 6 months and multiplied by the Points scored against a pot of money. This is not an entitlement but earned. Failing any one category (below 75%), will disqualify you for the award for the 6 months.  You need to score 75%, each point represents approximately 10%.

    Points on each category:

        • Execute your Marketing assignment = 2 points (meet with Leo by proposing your assignment or be assigned).  Ideas like publications, video/film, postcards, social media, newsletter to mailbox customers, advertising.
        • Wearing badge = 2.5 points or 0 for violations.
        • Discipline (completing tasks on email, early/on-time/overtime, complete training, focus at work – personal phone away) = 3.5 points
        • Leadership (initiatives, store upkeeps, customer service, responsibilities/ownership, extra effort). = 2 points
    • Receive Fun Ad hoc Challenge Rewards anytime in the year by completing Assignments, including Pro-bono projects.
    • Movie nights, happy hour, fellowship, leadership.  To develop leadership, the newest or youngest student will be responsible to budget and plan an event night.  Past events: Christmas 2022 (Hamper Day), Thanksgiving Kobe Steakhouse! (Nov 2022), Movie pizza night (Aug 2022), Thanksgiving Marketplace Dinner (Nov 2021), Fondue Night (Jun 2021), Movie night (Apr 2021), Christmas Japanese A-Aki Steakhouse (Dec 2020).