Business Consulting Projects

How A Biz Consultant Can Help You:

  • Do you recognize room for improvement in your company appearance Avalon Mail Team 2021or digital presence?
  • Do you have new products and services you want to launch that you want to make an impact
  • Have you decided to upgrade your company image, but are wondering how to proceed?
  • Are you looking for ways to reduce cost?

Our consultants will guide you and provide you your options to achieve your highest potential.

avalon class 2021 mCredentials: Come visit us to discuss ideas, Leo graduated from University of Florida, has 20 credits towards his PhD in Computing Education where he specializes in Decision Information Sciences .  He has 27 years experience working with Fortune 10 companies while at Accenture and at the Veterans Affairs HP Partnership; now back leading project teams to meet your needs.  We love working on local business projects.

How We Meet Your Unique Needs, A Complete Package:

Below are some of the areas of expertise we can offer:

  • Image Branding
  • Digital Marketing, Big Data
  • Technology to Refine Processes and Reduce Cost

Some Of The Things We Do:

  • Logo and Name branding
  • Online Presence – Design Company Websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Company blogs, Favicon etc.
  • Registering Businesses and Domains
  • Reduce Credit Card Rates  and enable online billing.
  • Marketing, Informatics, Big Data Campaigns and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Press Releases – USA and Global
  • Customer Support Systems – workflow development and training
  • e-Commerce Market Place Implementation – Manage Amazon, Ebay and Walmart salesAvalonPark envelopes
  • Printing big signs, small signs and stationaries – Business Cards, Postcards and Envelopes etc.
  • Video Documentary Editing – Youtube and Facebook
  • Photography – portrait, aerial, structure or products
  • Private Class Lessons – How to manage company websites using WordPress

Video Documentary Editing by Avalon Consulting Team

Big Data Analysis
: To send effective direct marketing postcards,  there are 9458 active residents in zip code 32828 out of 16500 residents in our Mail Center database we hold.  Reach your ideal audience with TARGETED DATA.  We are able to market to all residents, as well as new movers or new home owners within a 5 miles radius.

Time is money, informatics engineering is powerful, we have an All-In-One (AIO) solution – you’ll have the Postcard made, addressed and mailed out.  You can have a mixed of current residence and new home owners.
Digital Campaigns


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