avalon website developmentDevelop a Legacy Foundation website for Maryam.

Renew Plan

[Project Initiation and Kickoff]

  • Secure domain name
  • Setup server
  • Form the team (content owner, developers). ¬†Aishia, Fernando, Leo

[Planning Preparation]

  • Gather all photos for the banner and documents on a thumb drive
  • Brainstorm the content of the first 3 pages
  • Draft up the introduction verbiage for the pages.
  • Determine the contact page, what email or phone numbers to be shown.

[First Meeting (Jul 19-21)]

  • Discuss the ideas of the pages determined
  • Determine the technology required for the contact or donation pages

[Development Phase (Jul 21-Aug 1)]

  • Install Word Press
  • Encrypt SSL
  • Create content and editing
  • Graphics
  • Develop the web pages
  • Test, quality assurance
  • Soft launch, preview and reviews

[Implementation – Second Meeting (Aug 2-3)]

  • Setup monthly Hosting
  • Conduct training on how to add, make changes using smart devices or computer on the fly.
  • Launch website

[Phase 1 Launch – Project Close]