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Family offices are different from traditional wealth management shops in that we offer a total solution to managing your new business, financial and foreign investment needs.  For example, in addition to financial planning and investment management; we offer budgeting, insurance, charitable giving, wealth transfer planning, tax services, and also handle non-financial issues, such as private schooling, buying homes, travel arrangements, and miscellaneous household arrangements.

Anonymous Business Formation. We setup and register any type of new businesses formation with the State of Florida and anonymous LLC at Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada or Delaware.  Schedule an appointment with our Senior Notary & In-house Attorney for a free consultation at our center or by phone.  We are a One Stop Center to form your business in 3 STEPS for a Florida business.

Anonymous LLCThere’s more than one way to officially set up a business. We’re here to help you make sense of these different structures, levels of privacy, so you can start on the right path. We can register anonymous LLC for citizens or foreign investors who want to remain anonymous and have your privacies protected.  We’ll check if your company name is available, websites and file all the required forms. Together, let’s make your business official. Signup or register

Start-Up Essentials :

  • Step 1, Meet with business analyst for 30 minutes, we will help you create your new business and name search. (i) You will describe the nature of the business  (ii) We will discuss the number of members partners in your business and percentage on initial contribution. You do not need a SS# or ITIN to start a business but will need it soon for a bank account. (iii) Next we will also discuss accounting methods which may help you decide the formation of your business structure (S, P, LLC, Corp).  (iv) You will decide two names as your business name and consider any website names at the same time.  Pick your first choice and second choice.
  • Step 2, we create a new Mailbox Address to protect your privacy from day 1 and for use in all public records and act as Registered Agent Office.  A public record is searchable information on the internet which will include your personal information.  Once published, there is no going back.  You can also request for an anonymous holding.
  • articles3rd and Last Step, by the 3rd business day you will attend a 15 minutes call with our attorney (included) to review and finalize the company name selected.  required, the first company meeting minutes will be recorded. You will finalize a series of corporate formalities, approve legal documents, and set the management of your company. The State filing fee and legal docs will cost about $164.95 for LLC or $99.95 for Corporation. EIN Tax ID $35. Additional fee may apply if you wish to expedite any services, or you can keep your cost to the minimum.  You will receive a Seal & Book binder, Articles, Minutes, Regulations, Certificates by mail.
Formation Research, Entry and Registered Agent
Determine the business structure, retail or home office.  Registered Agent, Articles, Seal & Book binder, Minutes, Regulations, Certificates, Name and Website Search, Bank Referral.
Limited Liability Company, LLC
Includes Attorney Review, Creation, State Filing Fee

  • LLC or Limited Liability Company or Ltd. Liability Co.
Corporation, Inc., Corp.
Includes Attorney Review, Creation, State Filing Fee

  • Inc. or Corporation or Corp. or Incorporated  or Company or Co.
Private Mailbox Office Address 
To meet the State requirement of a physical address and protect your privacy, your business address will be used in all public records and Registered Agent Office.  Notarized 1583 form to be submitted to USPS for your new business address.
Federal Tax ID
This is required to open bank accounts, receive resale tax exemptions and begin trade. The process may require a SS-4 form if a foreigner does not have a SS#.
DBA Fictitious Name
Optional. This name is commonly called a dba or doing business as, a form of branding.  This can be added later or at anytime.
Operating Agreement
If your LLC has more than one owner, we strongly recommend you enter into an Operating Agreement. This agreement is entered into by the Owners to define their duties and responsibilities
Non-Profit or Foreign Ownership or Anonymous Holdings
Due to the complexity and additional requirements, a corporate attorney will be assigned to determine your requirements.
Speak to our attorney team
Expedited Processing Option
The normal process is 2-4 weeks but this can be expedited and be ready in 3 business days.  For Immediate Processing option, you will not be contacted by an associate to review entity details again BUT you will be contacted by a member of our law office to process your billing information. Upon review, if the formation of your corporation requires additional input from you, our office will contact you promptly.

Anonymous LLC Option

  • The standard Florida Limited Liability company’s owners will be public record; here we can list your company as an anonymous LLC ownership.
  • Private & Anonymous: Owners and Managers are not listed.  Your identity is protected by attorney-client privilege.
  • Simple Requirements: No residency requirement.
  • No Taxes: This is a strong draw for not only foreign investors, but those living in other states can benefit via utilizing a C-Corp tax election.
  • Asset Protection: Personal creditors cannot seize your LLC, and LLC creditors cannot seize your personal assets without going through hoops.
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Together, let’s make your business official. Signup or register
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