Films Marketing

Our Film Team consist of University Central Florida creative students and Film graduates engaging in projects – designing, writing, filming and producing documentary.  Using drone technology, we also do aerial videography. [Contact Us] to book a video episode for YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok or Instagram.

First step: we will discuss your ideas to meet your needs.  This will include the style, content, actors, script, project schedule and platform.

Bonus: Your video will be featured in our email receipts for 2 months providing you free advertising to local folks who visit our mail center.

ZipCode Dining, is a foodies series filmed at location, featuring local restaurants.

Avalon Pocket @Orlando

The Marketplace @Orlando

Post-productions always include

  1. Editing, formatting to choice of platform
  2. Thumbnail graphics
  3. Marketing collaboration with Avalon Park Group (HOA)
  4. Shared in social media – Google Business, Facebook or your website.
  5. Feature the documentary film in our store emails to Avalon Park customers


A positive review is always appreciated, that will help us a long way. Thank you.  – AMC

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