Avalon Mail Center, a business center owned and operated for reasons that go beyond pure monetary returns; it is an Angel Investment, managed with an academic-community-centric philosophy.  Established in 2005, this center supports the residents, students and businesses of Avalon Park in a wide range of services from mailing, business law, formation of business, notary, webstore  programmingmarketing design, loan signing, background checks, printing, after school tutoring and secretarial services. You can drop-off your mail / packages here FREE so you don’t have to pay a carrier pick-ups fee.  We are your Authorized Business Center for UPS, Fedex, USPS Post Office, DHL with over 508 active mailboxes.|[B2B Press Release]|[List of All Services]|[Contact Us]

Guardians of the Center

  • Shift 2IC: Michelle
  • Graphic Artist / Shift 2IC: Yusmari, BA Digital Media
  • Alumni Lead: Marlen
  • Shift Manager: TBA
  • Payroll / Payroll Taxes:  Kate
  • Executive Assistant: Dasha, MD.
  • Lead Instructor: Leo, MHA.

Our Multilingual Team:  Spanish, Albanian Gheg, Russian & Mandarin

An Experiential Learning Center

Tutor TeamA diverse group of graduates exist at each location with a mission to provide young adults an unique education and work experience.  We have a secret “Handshake” with University of Central Florida and several other colleges, offering paid apprenticeships and Florida Bright Futures Scholarship programs to develop young talent. With a multilingual workforce, we are able to assist the Avalon Park community in Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Albanian and English (British, USA).

We also train mail center owners. Immerse yourself 3-5 days at our training center.  [More Details]

Content Creation Youtube Team – Watch this video

Sponsor Funds

Our Student Fund program originates back to 1988 when Leo championed the Student Government Scholarship.  Twice a year, funds continue to be dispersed to student employees by Awards and Student Spend Card!.

“Aim High, Soar High”

Life Lessons

Driving diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives

Each year, selected high school seniors & college students come to our center to participate in the Work-Study Program, where students get to experience “real Monopoly” or “Apprentice”, under the guidance of permanent staff or graduates.  Students learn to be book and street smart – with the opportunity to run a business operation, be responsible, manage client relations, implement retail best practices, learn state laws, file taxes and compete in creative marketing challenges; it is also a place to develop work ethics, leadership and life lessons.   Explore all the reasons why working at our center is a place to learn, work hard, have fun, fellowship and make an impact.

Grace Foley Rock Your Socks 5k.
Grace Foley Rock Your Socks 5k.

Unique to our program, 20% of the time is invested in business development, where we encourage all staff to innovate, develop new products or work on creative marketing projects.  After hours we have fellowship with office parties and movie nights.

Florida Gators

Continuous education is always part of our center, you will learn learn softwares such as PostalMate, Adobe Pro Suites (Graphics), H&R Block Taxes, Web Publishing (Word Press), Information Technology Services, Office Suites, Photography, Marketing and Content Creation (like YouTube).  Free classes conducted in our academy for staff on Mondays evenings, coupled with hands-on projects.

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If you are up for these challenges...
3564 Avalon Park E Blvd, Suite 1, Orlando, FL 32828
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Employment Requirements: 
Computer Typing and Printing Documents in PDF, Word etc.
Gmail or Email Guru
Great personality and smiles
16 years or older
United States citizen, Florida Permanent Resident
Completing or completed High School in USA
Speak and Write in English fluently
Ability to pass a background check
Willing to learn new technology

All staff that turned 18 years old and have completed the 14 work-days challenge, will be required to become Notary Public and have a month to complete the 3 hours course during this qualifying period.

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We Start Them Young at the Mail Center

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Dental Students of Avalon Park
Dental Students of Avalon Park.   Follow us Instagram at instagram.com/avalonmailcenter


Team Events

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