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One platform to run your online business. Save time and money with a platform designed for the functionality small businesses need. With more built-in features than other leading platforms. We help you strategize, build and power your e-commerce websites for a successful retail to reach the world.

Avalon Park ecommerce marketing
Avalon Park ecommerce marketing

We’re focused on more than powering your online store with Shopify. We’re here to give you tools that will help you grow a successful, sustainable online business.  We will help get your business presence online within days.  Our engineers are able to design personal blogs or business websites that integrates across Market Place Shopping Catalogs such as Amazon Seller, Ebay or Facebook Store.

Our engineers are able to integrate merchant processing to allow you to accept debit/credit cards in retail and online using gateways. Invoice online for faster payments

You can get your domain today. Make an appointment for a free consultation. |[MORE INFO and Pricing]|

Formation of Business

We setup and register any type of new businesses. We are a One Stop Center to form a business.  We will write your business plan for the purpose for negotiation for leasing and loan proposals.

3 Easy Steps:

  • Step 1, Meet with business analyst for 30 minutes, we will help you create your new business. (i) You will describe the nature of the business  (ii) We will discuss the number of members partners in your business and percentage on initial contribution. You do not need a SS# or ITIN to start a business but may need it soon for a bank account. (iii) Next we will also discuss accounting methods which may help you decide the formation of your business structure (S, P, LLC, Corp).  (iv) You will decide two names as your business name and consider any website names at the same time.
  • Step 2, we create a new Mailbox address to protect your privacy and for use in all public records.
  • 3rd and Last Step, you will attend a 15 minutes call with our corporate attorney to review and finalize the company name selected.  The first company meeting minutes will be recorded.

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We build Mail Box Businesses non-franchise and owner operated, serving the Florida area and beyond at 1/2 the cost.  As business consultants, we can help you build your very own mail center from scratch; from business formation registration to post support, including recruitment/training your team. Our managing team have at least a four-year degree, with 50% having an advanced degree in business.  We do the ground work, hands-on.  We do not sell hardware, but we will help you purchase and complete all hardware workstation onsite setup, lead by our very own veteran Hewlett Packard consultant who spent 27 years consulting with Fortune 10 companies.

Avalon Park UPS FedEx USPS

Build a Business Center: Interested in starting a new center of your own. Contact us [Email button] and tell us your interest.  Complete initial [Application] to qualify.

Owner Operator Scope of Work:

  • Consultation type of business, formation of business in your state, register your business.
  • Write Business Plan and presentations for the purpose for
    negotiation for leasing and vendor proposals.
  • Design your Business Mail Center
  • Attend Immersive Training Center at Avalon Mail
  • Assist you in acquiring hardware, software, security alarm, camera and biometric locks
  • Setup carriers and professional licensing
  • Pricing
  • System Engineering – Technical infrastructure, Setup, Remote Online
  • Postalmate System, PC and printers
  • Establish Purchasing and JIT Inventory
  • Managerial training and best practices
  • Train the Trainer and Post/Continuous Education Support
  • Back Office – Recruitment, Merchant Account (credit card system effective 2.6%),  Claims, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and Sale Taxes
  • Quarterly Financial Analysis, Bookkeeping
  • Marketing, construct business website, and create social media platforms

Immersive Training: Immerse yourself 3 days at our training center by University of Central Florida and spend each 1/2 day learning about the business, shadowing our college students on their daily operations of a business center.  The second half of each day is for management workshop, where we discuss what is required to register a business and build a store.  (8 credit units per day plus online quizzes you will take).

Onsite Consultation Service Fee Time & Material + Transport
Owner Operator Services, installation, upgrades, training  $75 /hr unit (normal $300 /hr)

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