Leadership Track

The leadership track has three objectives for you:

  • Develop Managerial Skill – your resume builder, path to promotion
  • Pay Scale Progression – a performance measure
  • Retail Management – experience business operations and a path to $0 Franchise Opportunities (Chick-fil-A methodology)

Leadership begins with the responsibility to initiate or ask me for assignments.  By accomplishing each of the management functions, you will be promoted and be able to say in the near future:

As a manager I …   Examples Progression / Roles
Conduct interviews Recruitment as and when needed Fernando, Jenny, Shanzay
Conduct training

  • On boarding
  • Leadership
Tax forms first page fw4, fw9.

14 Work Day Challenge. Printing, Spiral binding, Quick Postage, International Mail.

Fernando, Jenny, Shanzay
Create marketing

  • Commercial awareness
  • Pricing
  • Promotion
  • Place
Display, video, fb, instagram, Sun Magazine, flyers, your new ideas Fernando, Jenny, Shanzay
Monitor our inventory Stock count, monitoring and ordering Fernando, Jenny, Shanzay
Work on projects

  • Gather client requirements
  • Complete project deliverables
  • Creating plans to meet company goals and objectives
  • Manage budget
Client or internal or volunteer projects


Fernando, Jenny, Shanzay
Organize tasks, events and activities

  • Organize and delegate
  • Reorganize in response to new challenges
Client activities, movie nights, Avalon Park Runs, holiday decorations and theme, company dinners Fernando, Jenny
Problem solve and make sound decisions

  • Smart Leadership
  • Protect the interest of the business
  • Support and troubleshoot technical issues
Customer issues, upgrade Postalmate, resolve techical issues, copier, phone, gas leak Fernando, Jenny
Contribute to business development

  • Forward planning and strategic thinking.
  • Ensure profit
  • Research & implement
Improve, new products, services, productivity

Avalon Studios

Fernando, Jenny
Pay business taxes and meet the inspections standards

  • Know the county taxes, licenses and inspections
Pay sales tax, weighing scale, fire inspection Fernando, Jenny
Ensure timely account receivables Mailbox billing, customer accounts, @minutes billable time Fernando, Jenny
Manage team members

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication and motivation
  • Consistently monitor employee performance, quality of work, and the efficiency and reliability of completed tasks.
Completing daily tasks.  Delegate, supervise a healthy clean workspace. Motivate, mentor team. Ensure quality of work, improve on processes Fernando, Jenny

Here is the organization structure and functional chart. * Green Super Trainee