Leadership Track

 This leadership track has three objectives for you:

  1. Develop Managerial Skill – your resume builder, path to promotion
  2. Hourly Pay Scale Acceleration – accelerate performance measures
  3. Internal opportunities – convert to Full Time Employee (FTE) 5/2023
  • Shift Manager I $27,040 /yr
  • Shift Manager II $29,120 /yr
  • Manager I $33,280 /yr
  • Manager II $TBD /yr
  • Operations Manager $39,520-$41,000 /yr
  • Franchise Candidate – experience business operations and a path to $0 upfront Operator Opportunities (Chick-fil-A methodology).  By invitation, this business opportunity is a hands-on, life investment to own/shareholder and operate a center. It often requires long hours and leading a team of mostly young, hourly-paid employees. It’s hard work – but it’s exceedingly rewarding.  This franchising is not an opportunity for passive financial investment, working from the sidelines, or adding to a portfolio of business ventures.

Leadership begins with the responsibility to take on initiatives and assignments.  If you are in college, you can beat your peers by being ahead of the game.  By accomplishing each of the management functions, you will be rewarded and be able to say in the near future:

As a manager at Postal Biz HQ, I …   Examples Progression / Roles
Manage the store and have extensive knowledge about all work areas.

  • Leadership
  • Initiatives
  • Train a trainer
  • Strong communications
Be a all rounder, from graphics to accounts receivables.

Initiatives to improve the store during free time, without being told. Store presentation, cleanliness

Train others in Printing, Pro Packaging, Spiral binding, Quick Postage, International Mail to teammates.

Team Leader Quarterly Reports

Maya, Shanzay
Recruit and  interview

Recruitment as and when needed

Welcome new staff and conduct onboarding 14 Work Day Challenges

Maya,  Shanzay
Create marketing material

  • Commercial awareness
  • Pricing
  • Promotion
  • Place
Store display, video, fb, instagram, Sun Magazine, flyers, your new ideas MayaShanzay
Help with Business Development

  • Forward planning and strategic thinking.
  • Ensure profit
  • Research & implement new services
Improve, new products, services, productivity

Avalon Film Studios



Avalon Tutors

Jenny, Maya, Shanzay
Work on projects

  • Gather client requirements
  • Complete project deliverables
  • Create plans to meet company goals and objectives
  • Account for time and material within budget
  • Ensure quality deliverables
Client or internal or volunteer projects



Jenny, MayaShanzay
Organize tasks, events and activities

  • Organize
  • Delegate
  • Response to new challenges
Client activities, projects, movie nights, Avalon Park Runs, holiday decorations and theme, company events MayaShanzay
Problem solve and make sound decisions

  • Take ownership
  • Smart Leadership
  • Protect the interest of the business
  • Help with localized decisions
  • Support and troubleshoot technical issues
  • Write procedures
Resolve customer issues, claims.

Resolve technical  issues, fix copier or phone

Introduce new solutions to avoid repeating mistakes.

Document the process for future use

Help with team decisions

Jenny, MayaShanzay
Monitor our inventory Stock count, monitoring and ordering

Restock the shelfs, organize and presentation

Manage team members

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communicate and motivate
  • Mentor new and junior staff
  • Awareness, escalate issues and recommend solutions
Build positive relationships with all staff and offer guidance.

Ensure Quality of work

Monitor staff performance, quality of work, and the efficiency and reliability of completed tasks.

Motivate, mentor team

Show good examples, like wear your badge

Delegate, supervise a healthy clean workspace.

Improve on processes

Take team photos

Resolve team issues

Ensure buddy system is functioning. Staff is on time and supportive

Know your team. Wish team members Happy Birthday

Maya, Shanzay
Ensure timely account receivables Mailbox rental billing, monthly customer store accounts statements, @minutes billable time for work done Maya, Shanzay
Ensure compliance. Meet the inspections standards, Federal USPS policies and taxes Tune weighing scale

Fire inspection compliance monitor Exit lights are on and no boxes a foot below ceiling.

Cleanliness workspace

1583 requirements? Upload 1583 to CRD

Pay sales tax

Maya, Shanzay

Here is the organization structure and functional chart.