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How to lower your operating cost, by accepting credit cards in your business with a low rate merchant account.  Since 2003, our corporate office has been helping Fortune 10 companies in lowering operational cost by Streamlining Processes; we now bring a unique service close to home – at Avalon Park.  Four times a year, our business college student team will assist small businesses locally during these hard times by increasing your revenue by reducing your merchant cost.  If you feel this Pro Bono service we offer can help your small business, let us start by analyzing your existing statements to qualify your business, and you may likely be saving ~$200 each month in operating cost.  Our main objectives are to reduce your merchant expenses and increase your independence in monitoring your rates.

Avalon Merchant Services

Visa Inc. and Mastercard Inc. are preparing to increase the fees for businesses accepting consumers’ credit cards.

The fee increases, delayed during the past two years because of the pandemic, are scheduled to kick-in this year. MasterCard has invested $250 million to help small merchants (businesses) survive and thrive, and that they are reducing costs for certain smaller merchant categories that were hit hard by the pandemic.

So for merchants to avoid the higher fees, small business have to be correctly categorized and also provide certain transaction data and use its token service that masks card numbers. Typically a card using a chip will price lower than a key-in entry, and accepting pin debit will get the lowest rate in this program

How do we help small businesses?  Our Pro Bono team offers our time for FREE, we analyze your current business practices, correct your internet security and help you qualify a below market fee rate, where VISA/MC and Discover/Amex is willing to transact for you.

The time and process is very involved for us, to help you save:

  1. First step, we review your current statements and business practices with you and explain the fees you have been paying.
  2. Determine your monthly savings when corrective measures are taken. You need to understand what needs to change to be VISA/MC PCI compliant.

Discount Rates

In a Nutshell 2.3% lowest in person
With our Pro-bono Program Approved Effective June 2023 Pro-bono Assist 2.3% for Retail Swipe / Tap / Debit with basic Website Subscription.  No transaction fees

  • Physical card transaction — This includes physical credit card transactions made using the Smart Terminal and Card Reader (Magstripe, EMV or NFC). A standard percentage is charged (2.3%) with no additional transaction fee. This standard percentage applies for both credit and debit cards.
  • Ecommerce transaction — This includes transactions processed through your online store or Online Pay Links. A standard percentage is charged (2.3%) plus a flat rate of $0.30 per transaction. The same fees will apply to transactions in your online store and Online Pay Links that use Google Pay or Apple Pay.
  • Manual entry transaction — This includes card charges processed through Virtual Terminal or the manual keypad entry on the Smart Terminal or mobile app. A standard percentage is charged (3.3%) with no additional transaction fee.

PCI & Network Fee : None, gone! Look to see if you are still paying this fee.

Evaluating: VISA/MC network: (Current merchants, you can take a recent statement, divide your monthly Total Fees/Net Sales) and see if you are overpaying >0.023 (2.3%).

With no help from us


You are likely paying 1% more.  So if your credit card volume each month is $20000, you are losing $200 each month.
Statement Fee $0.00 gone!
+Bank Transaction Fee included effective rate
PCI Certification $0.00 gone!
Contract or Cancellation Fee $0.00 gone! none!
Programming Catalog / POS Consultation (Optional) $25 / hr
Application: * Download *

Download the application ororder nowyour setup now.  You can cancel anytime, so make the smartest move for your business.

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Avalon Mail Center is owned and operated for reasons that go beyond pure monetary returns; any proceeds from this Pro Bono Program will contribute to our engineering/business student scholarship and award funds.

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