Orientation, Welcome To Day 1 to 365

Welcome to our Experiential Learning Center.  All staff will be required to complete two qualifying background checks to work at Avalon Mail Center, a Federal check and a Florida check.  All employees that turned 18 years old and have completed the 14 work-days challenge, will be required to become a Florida Notary Public. Once you have met the Employee Requirements and Orientation, you will enjoy the complete Employee Benefits, listed below, it is not difficult at all.  Please note this is a center with strong ethical culture, no personal phone by the work space to distract, we want you to lookup and interact with your teammates.


  • 14 work-days challenge
  • Wearing badge and work ethics
  • Video training quizzes
  • Knowing your customers and self-evaluation (example yelp)
  • Notary for permanent employees over 18.

Our corporate office: CyberCEO Inc.  Division: PostalBiz HQ
Our address: 3564 Avalon Park E Blvd, Ste 1, Orlando, FL 32828.  Public phone: 407-482-0662

Employee Cool Benefits  (2023)

  • All Staff discounts are available at wholesale cost.   If you want to participate in the staff discount, create your Customer Profile first and request Leo to convert it to an Staff Account.  You can open a tap (not for beers or cocktails), for any services you use onto your store ACCOUNT and can pay at the beginning of each month.  The best practice requires (1) all transactions to be recorded to encourage honesty and avoid confusion among staff.  (2) To receive discount, Select your name in POS first, before you enter your transactions.
    PRODUCTS are at cost or usually credited free, such as Copies $0.10, Notary $1, Faxing $0.20 (are recorded for tax purposes for our accountant).
    CARRIER SHIPPING will be adjusted after the carrier bills and you can see the credits on the statements each new month.  Any payment can be deducted on your following paycheck.
  • Student Staff freebie are entitled to 20 free B/W photocopies each month for work-study, but you are still required to enter the transaction against your staff account.  Additional copies will be about 10 cents a copy.
  • Breaks: The industry standard does not include any paid breaks for hourly wage employees, but for a work day that lasts over 5 hours, you are welcome to take a paid 15 minutes break, go buy lunch.  In addition, during quiet time, you can continue your lunch or tea by the courtyard or project/lunch room, while staying close by.  Staff who work 1/2 day, should have their lunch after or before the shift.  Per customer’s request, hot dishes should be eaten outside or in the office.  Do not abuse the benefit.
  • Free Federal Tax e-filing Feb-Apr
  • Student Food/Book Funds or Awards, unique to our progressive business model, twice a year (July 4, Dec 31st) permanent active employees who have worked 6 months and have met all the Employee Requirements can receive the awards or company Student Card. This program is calculated by dividing the number of hours worked for the past 6 months and multiplied by the Points scored against a pot of money. This is not an entitlement but earned. Failing any one category (below 75%), will disqualify you for the award for the 6 months.  You need to score 75%, each point represents approximately 10%.

Points on each category:

      • Execute your Marketing assignment = 2 points (meet with Leo by proposing your assignment or be assigned).  Ideas like publications, video/film, postcards, social media, newsletter to mailbox customers, advertising.
      • Wearing badge = 2.5 points or 0 for violations.
      • Discipline (completing tasks on email, early/on-time/overtime, complete training, focus at work – personal phone away) = 3.5 points
      • Leadership (initiatives, store upkeeps, customer service, responsibilities/ownership, extra effort). = 2 points
  • Receive Fun Ad hoc Challenge Rewards anytime in the year by completing Assignments, including Pro-bono projects.
  • Alumni Club Subs – local students who have graduated and moved on, can continue to work on Saturdays or be in the pool of subs to stay in touch!  We love to see you around.
  • Movie nights, happy hour, fellowship, leadership.  To develop leadership, the newest or youngest student will be responsible to budget and plan an event night.  Past events: Christmas 2022 (Hamper Day), Thanksgiving Kobe Steakhouse! (Nov 2022), Movie pizza night (Aug 2022), Thanksgiving Marketplace Dinner (Nov 2021), Fondue Night (Jun 2021), Movie night (Apr 2021), Christmas Japanese A-Aki Steakhouse (Dec 2020).
Movie nights

How to Handle Scammers and Social Marketing Calls

Just Take a Message!  All you have to remember is: help all customers, but personal information only flows one way – to us.  We do give out any manager’s name, mailbox owners or private numbers.  Person who calls should know who they are calling for.  Be professional, take a message and say goodbye.

We have 300 mailbox customers with businesses registered to our address.  Be aware of scammers phishing for names, especially fake FedEx callers.

1. If the caller just asks to speak to a manager and does not know a name,.  Ask “what company or who are you calling for?”  If they get it wrong, red flag to 99%.  move on to STEP 2.
2. “I can take a name, number and message.  We have 300 companies here”.  (Do not give any names or email sharing).
3.  Short and sweet.  Goodbye!

Buddy buddy system

At times you may be opening alone.  Normal to have 1 staff in the mornings, but as of 2022, by design… we have added redundancies with two staff in the mornings and a second shift at 1.30pm to ensure the store will open and on time.  You should inform your teammate buddy if you are running late and cc Leo.  If you need a substitute, just text the whole team to request for a sub at the earliest opportunity.  If both staff is always late, than it defeats having two staff at opening.  Please remember to support your buddy, be on time.  Help your designated Notary double check the ID and expiration date.  Help your buddy measure packaging.

Now.. what should I wear today?

AMC badge-awards

A name and recognition badge is provided to be worn outside your attire, which is the only way to distinguish a staff from customers.  This is required and scored in the twice yearly performance and awards.

Dress code: Your choice: a badge must be worn while at work or dress in Black / Navy blue being the store’s adopted color.  (A set of Jedi badges are available if you prefer to be anonymous or in character for the day).  With a badge on, you can wear alternate colors.  Fabrics should be crisp; colors should generally be solid; black, navy, gray, brown and khaki are always safe bets. School/college t-shirts are okay.  Khaki shorts are acceptable but not anything shorter or casual than that.  (i,e, no PE shorts).

Holiday Team
Hamper Day

Women can also wear casual but professional looking dress, pants or skirts. In addition to tailored shirts or blouses, tailored knit sweaters and sweater sets are appropriate business casual choices for women. White button-ups with a collar are also good.

Shoes:  Always comfortable shoes, sneakers are okay.  For the most conservative look, toes should be covered for your safety. Sandals
not extremely casual might be appropriate. Your choices reflect your judgment. Make certain you can walk comfortably in your shoes for the long hours.

Understanding the Postal Biz 5 Zone Areas

If you need more information or do not see it clearly labeled, please ask your Team Lead.

1. Drop-off Zone – area where UPS, FEDEX, USPS, DHL packages are clearly held in a clear space.  No other open boxes should be located in the same space.  Bins are used to avoid envelopes from falling off.
2. Scan Zone – A temporary holding location where packages will be scanned after dropped-off. (This is especially useful when customers drop-off while we are with other clients).  The next available staff can then scan the packages before they are moved to their respective Drop-off Zones carrier shelves.
3. Pickup Zone – area when Customer pickup jobs completed. Payments due are placed on HOLD waiting to be paid or already to billed Account holders.
4. Tasks Zone – where work is waiting to be completed or to handover to next shift.  Of course it is good practice to get it done immediately, but we will have situation say printing or custom graphic needs to be created next day by a designer.  Check it regularly to follow up on tasks.  You will find this zone on a portable rolling cart.
5. Mailbox Zone – where customer’s mail and packages are stored.  One yellow card represents one package to be collected.  This includes Fedex Hold Location (HAL) and UPS Access Point.


Common Sense / Street Smart

Each year, selected college students come to our center to participate in the Work-Study Program, where students take on “Apprentice” challenges  or simply get Street Smart – skills not taught in colleges.

Be Street Smart. examples:  A customer comes in and wants a box to ship their item.  A staff suggest a bag because it is cheaper.  The customer is annoyed: 1.  The staff is not listening and understanding that a box is what the customer wants to ensure nothing gets broken.  2. Thinks the staff is not really smart,  trying to sell a cheaper item for the business.

Workplace Do/Don’ts

This is a workplace, so do not do your personal work/gaming on paid time. Don’t make it to the extreme Hall Of Fame of Don’ts.  Any free time should be channeled to doing something creative that contributes to the center. If your activity does not add value to the company, then it must be the wrong thing to do.

Unique to our program, 20% of the time is invested in business development, where we encourage all staff to innovate, develop new products or work on creative projects

Don’t Make It to Hall Of Fame of Don’ts

  1. 2020 Non-essential texting on the job and on the mobile phone all the time.
  2. 2021 Ask a teammate to work the front alone, while she took 2 hours nap at the back
  3. 2022 Having a boyfriend over at work together at the register.

Here are a list of video trainings to complete:

How to properly Laminate
(Please remember to turn off and put the dust cover over.)

(Letters, Flats, Non-Machinable and Classified Mail)

Lithium batteries can only be shipped internationally if they are installed in the equipment they operate. Shipping carriers are not allowed to ship packages containing only lithium batteries or cells to international locations – they must be included inside a product. No markings or documentation are allowed on these international mailpieces. This rule applies to all international as well as Military APO/FPO/DPO destinations.

Standards for Domestic Shipments Containing Lithium Batteries (Use Ground Transportation)

  • Each cell cannot contain more than 1 gram of lithium
  • Each battery cannot contain more than 2 grams of lithium
  • All packages must contain a complete return address
  • For non-installed batteries, your package must have a DOT-approved lithium battery mark (UN3090)

Creating Return Shipping Label for Customers

  • You can create prepaid return labels for customers
  • You can email the labels too
  • However labels shipping from a different state will have a surcharge, which you have to add-on the difference.  You can add $3 to it or to be exact you can calculate the difference by getting the price from Avalon Mail Center to the place sending from.
  • You can itemize the surcharge difference onto the CARRIER type or FEES.

Mailbox 1583 Form Requirements

  • All adult individuals must complete a 1583 form, notarize, producing two copies of identifications.  Spouses can sign on the same 1583 form or have a separate copy.  All friends or co-worker must be a on separate form.
  • Minor and company names are entered into the same 1583 form, but is signed by the primary holder.  List names and ages of all minor children receiving mail at this address in Box #12.
  • You have to RTS any mail that was wrongly delivered by the next day, if a name is not found.
  • You do not have to insert a mail addressed to an unknown person even if you guess it is related to a mailbox customer.  Just RTS.
    If you think it is important mail, call the customer to ask the new person to provide the id.  Tell them this is required since 9/11.
  • We will comply with a subpoena or request from law enforcement for information on a specific individual by providing the 1583 form and the ids on file.  Please complete the 1583 form and make copies of ids, charges are as per normal, notary and photocopies.

DHL Drop-off Training

DHLYou will quickly notice, we get customer drop-offs and carrier leaving packages (better known as HOLD LOCATION  HAL) all day.  We scan dropoffs Fedex (once) and UPS (twice) and none for USPS Post Office (except Smart Posts).  For DHL Dropoff (twice) – using the black tablet we scan [RECEIVE FROM CUSTOMER] and we [CHECK-OUT SHIPMENT] to DHL, so when the carrier comes pick it up, it is ready.

For DHL hold, you will [CHECK-IN SHIPMENT] when DHL drops it off.  [DELIVER TO CUSTOMER] when pickup.

How to Forward Anytime Mailbox Requests

How to properly crimp coil spiral bound

Spiral binding


Opening team comes with an added responsibility:

  1. Be on time to open with your buddy
  2. Turn on computers: Register #1, Register #2, Guest Computer
  3. Turn On Lights: Open Sign, Store Lights, Mailroom
  4. Unlock All doors: Front, Side, Back
  5. Login and start: POS & Cashmate (count and confirm you have minimum S100 each register).  Note, the 1st transaction goes into HOLD, if POS Cashmate is not already opened first. If you cannot find your sale, check the HOLD.
  6. The Master station POS must be opened first always, which Leo usually does it.  If prompted, just go to the Master station first and Open the register, if Leo forgets.  It will say $0 in Master Register.
  7. Check Email tasks for new activities or appointments for the day.  Reply to customers to acknowledge receipt.
  8. Refill printer paper and restock shelfs.
  9. Keep a healthy workspace.  Vacuum the floor, sanitize workstations and clean the doors in the mornings.
  10. Crank up the music, enjoy your day at work!


Becoming a Notary Public

After you have completed your 14 Work Days Challenge, if you are 18+ years old and plan to work 15 months or more (including part-time, Alumni Subs); we will train you and get you certified with a professional skill.  This will make working at AMC a transformational experience for you!

Florida Notary

  1. Speak to your Payroll Comptroller (currently Leo) to approve and begin the Florida Certification Education.
  2. Begin an open book (Tip: use two screens if it helps you) 23 minutes per section course.  You can save and continue at any time; even if you are speedy, you are made to spend a total of 3-Hours on Florida Notary. Complete all the Self-Assessment online at your own pace:
  3. Print your Certification of completion, sign it and give it to Payroll Comptroller.
  4. Fill out an Application that Payroll provides and gather your required documentation.
  5. Submit your signed Application package to Payroll and we will mail your application and pay for the Seal and Bond to get your commission.  The professional license cost $121, but Postal Biz HQ will pay for it, when you agree to this none-compete.  The Bond and Certificate will remain the property of the center, but you can always purchase a personal copy.
  6. Florida takes about 3 weeks to process your license.  You will receive your Commission and Notary stamp.
  7. You are on your way to being a Notary Trainee the next 3-5 weeks shadowing a senior Notary and completing 15 sessions of Notary Services to complete your merits.
  8. A framed certificate will be on its way. In 3-5 weeks you will graduate from our Postal Biz Academy!

Making Address Labels with Mail Merge

Address Labels Mail Merge

Rules of USPS First Class Parcel vs First Class Service Package
First Class Service Cheaper Package is a commercial rate discounted for Postalmate, cannot include personal correspondence except that such parcels may contain invoices, receipts, incidental advertising, and other documents that relate in all substantial respects to merchandise contained in the parcels.  It is subjected to inspection, whereas First Class Parcels are private, are closed against postal inspection. [MORE INFO].

Media Mail are NOT for correspondence documents, but only for books, Music Manuscripts or Education binders CDs or Medical loose-leaf pages.  Use a Report Cover (available $1).  [MORE INFO]

Email to Print Process

Understanding Booklet Printing


Virtual Mailbox Check Deposits

Obtain the name of the renter’s bank and their account number and save it under the “Notes” tab in the renter’s account.

Then, pick up some deposit slips from the renter’s bank. When a deposit request comes in, simply write “for deposit only” on the back of the check, fill out the deposit slip, and either drop it off at the bank or mail it in next day.  Update Virtual Mail system.

Leadership and Promotion Candidates

  • Exceed your responsibilities
    Promotion candidates should excel in their current responsibilities, but they should also stretch beyond the tasks assigned to them — without being asked. They view the success of the organization as their responsibility and step up to make sure that happens.
  • Recognized as leaders
    Just because employees don’t have direct reports doesn’t mean they can’t act like leaders. If others on the team turn to a particular employee for insight and guidance, he or she has already taken on a leadership role.
  • Curiosity
    Employees who demonstrate interest in the big picture beyond their projects and task assignments are ready to start thinking about the bigger questions involved in running a larger project or store operations.
  • Create solutions
    Some employees report problems up the management chain. Employees with leadership ability report the problem as well as the solution they created to address it.
  • Ask for feedback
    Most people dread performance reviews, and many take offense at even constructive criticism. If an employee asks for feedback and applies it to improving his or her performance, that person has the motivation to develop new skills.
  • Manage yourself
    If employee understands the purpose of the business and project so well that he or she doesn’t need to wait for instructions on what to do next, that person can take more responsibility and use that insight to manage and guide others.
  • Knowledge
    Complete all the necessary training credits and tests to be able to lead others.

Leadership Track – 2IC Lead / Guardian  / Shift Manager

The 2IC Lead / Store Guardian is assigned to a staff to develop leadership. While on duty, the Lead is the main Notary, attends to administrative tasks, handle complaints and incidents that require attention regardless of the time of day, in addition to the normal duties.

  • You are the Point contact – can substitute staff if anyone is out sick or has an emergency.  Call teammates and Notary backups.  Keep Leo updated of any changes for payroll purposes.
  • Supervise, ensure team members respond to list of tasks on Email.  If you don’t know the customer, just reply received.
  • Has a Publix store card to buy water and medical supplies
  • Responsible to exchange coins or small notes from Trustco Bank or Publix Customer Service
  • Inspect and organize any restocks.
  • Supervise the team to maintain, vacuum the store in the mornings during quiet time
  • Handle customer complaints, and escalate to Management as needed.  Offer the RED card to diffuse extreme situations.
  • Audit the 5 Zones.  Check, organize packages.
  • Handle Returns.  Any lost or late shipment issue, will take 2 weeks to resolve, take down the details, lookup and email the receipt to us to begin a claim.  If it is a unused physical item (example a box),  you can just returned product by cash, if it is under $25.  For  credit cards, on the same day is easy, this is known as a REVERSE (canceling), simply  find the transaction and reverse a sale transaction.   If it is a different day, you will need the customer card number, terminal password, to complete a refund.   If you don’t the customer’s card number, ask a senior staff to complete a Refund by credit card by calling the TSYS, you will need to know time/ amount/last 4 digit of the credit card by looking at the receipt and the terminal Password.   After refunding remember to adjust the register as a Return against the customer’s name, so history is captured accordingly.  Most important, unused Postage must successfully be voided. You can compare with your closing total and terminal summary report after reversing to see if the total still matches.
  • For lost or damage packages, submit the receipt to Kena (our claims coordinator).

Internal Leadership Track

Available to all employees (Notary Publics) who have worked 6 months or more.  Complete the Leadership Track

  • 2IC Team Leader
  • Shift Manager

On-boarding HR Training

  • Employee
  • Covers the w-4 topic and w-4 calculator
  • fw9 1099 Contract Awards & Tuition Scholarships Funds

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