Orientation, Welcome To Day 1

All staff will be required to complete two qualifying background checks to work at Avalon Mail Center, a Federal check and a Florida check. You are required to be a United States citizen and Florida Permanent Resident, unless you are excused as an intern or under 18 years old.  All employees that turned 18 years old and have completed the 14 work-days challenge, will be required to become a Florida Notary Public and have a month to complete the 3 hours course during this qualifying period.  Once you have met the requirements as a employee, you will enjoy the Full Employee Benefits.

Full Employee Benefits

  • Unique to our progressive business model, twice a year (July 4, Dec 24) active employees who have met the qualifying requirements are awarded / scholarship bonuses for performance on: projects, creative assignments, contributions, initiatives, leadership, customer service and being early/on time.  The award is divided by the number of work hours for the past 6 months and multiplied by the performance weight.
  • Challenge Rewards and Merit Step Increases for employees
  • Staff discounts are available at wholesale cost.   If you want to participate in the staff discount, create your Customer Profile first and request Leo to convert it to an Staff Account.  You can open a tap (not for beers or cocktails), on any services you use onto your ACCOUNT and can pay at the beginning of each month.  This best practice requires (1) all transactions to be recorded to encourage honesty and avoid confusion among staff.  (2) Select your name in POS first, before you enter your transactions.  In general, services are free, such as Notary, Faxing $0.20 (are recorded for tax purposes for our accountant).   All other products will be adjusted and discounted to wholesale when the statements are generated each month.
  • Student Staff are entitled to 20 free B/W photocopies each month for work-study, but you are still required to enter the transaction against your staff account.  Additional copies will be about 10 cents a copy.
Absolutely Avalon
Team 2021

Understanding the Postal Biz 5 Zone Areas

If you need more information or do not see it clearly labeled, please ask your Team Lead.

1. Drop-off Zone – area where UPS, FEDEX, USPS, DHL packages are clearly held in a clear space.  No other open boxes should be located in the same space.  Bins are used to avoid envelopes from falling off.
2. Scan Zone – A temporary holding location where packages will be scanned after dropped-off. (This is especially useful when customers drop-off while we are with other clients).  The next available staff can then scan the packages before they are moved to their respective Drop-off Zones carrier shelves.
3. Pickup Zone – area when Customer pickup jobs completed. Payments due are placed on HOLD waiting to be paid or already to billed Account holders.
4. Tasks Zone – where work is waiting to be completed or to handover to next shift.  Of course it is good practice to get it done immediately, but we will have situation say printing or custom graphic needs to be created next day by a designer.  Check it regularly to follow up on tasks.
5. Mailbox Zone – where customer’s mail and packages are stored.  One yellow card represents one package to be collected.  This includes Fedex Hold Location (HAL)

Movie nights

Here are a list of video trainings to complete:

How to properly Laminate
(Please remember to turn off and put the dust cover over.)

(Letters, Flats, Non-Machinable and Classified Mail)

DHL Drop-off Training

DHLYou will quickly notice, we get customer drop-offs and carrier leaving packages (better known as HOLD LOCATION  HAL) all day.  We scan dropoffs Fedex (once) and UPS (twice) and none for USPS Post Office (except Smart Posts).  For DHL Dropoff (twice) – using the black tablet we scan [RECEIVE FROM CUSTOMER] and we [CHECK-OUT SHIPMENT] to DHL, so when the carrier comes pick it up, it is ready.

For DHL hold, you will [CHECK-IN SHIPMENT] when DHL drops it off.  [DELIVER TO CUSTOMER] when pickup.

How to Forward Anytime Mailbox Requests

How to properly crimp coil spiral bound

Spiral binding

EU Harmonize code for International Shipping


Opening team comes with an added responsibility:

  1. Be on time to open with your buddy
  2. Turn on computers: Reg #1, Reg #2, Guest Computer
  3. Turn On Lights: Open Sign, Store Lights, Mailroom
  4. Unlock All doors: Front, Side, Back
  5. Login and start: PostalMate & Cashmate
  6. Check Email tasks for new jobs or appointments for the day.  Reply to customers to acknowledge receipt.
  7. Refill printers and restock shelfs.
  8. Keep a healthy workspace.  Vacuum the floor, sanitize workstations and clean the doors in the mornings.
  9. Crank up the music, enjoy your day at work!

Now.. what should I wear today?

AMC badge-awards
Badge: Must be worn while at work, a set of Jedi badges are available if you prefer to be anonymous or in character for the day.
Dress code: Smart daily, Casual Saturdays, Yeah!

In general fabrics should be crisp; colors should generally be solid; navy, black, white, gray, brown and khaki are always safe bets. Navy blue / black being the store’s adopted color.  School/college t-shirts are okay.

A name and recognition badge is provided to be worn outside your attire, which is the only way to distinguish a staff from customers.  This is required.

Women can wear casual but professional looking pants or skirts. In addition to tailored shirts or blouses, tailored knit sweaters and sweater sets are appropriate business casual choices for women. White button-ups with a collar are also good.

Shoes:  Always comfortable shoes, sneakers are okay.  For the most conservative look, toes should be covered for your safety. Sandals
not extremely casual might be appropriate. Your choices reflect your judgment. Make certain you can walk comfortably in your shoes for the long hours.

Becoming a Notary Public

After you have completed your 14 Work Days Challenge and if you are 18+ years old.  We will train you and get you certified with a special skill.

Florida Notary

  1. Speak to your Payroll Comptroller (currently Leo) to approve and begin the Florida Certification Education.
  2. Begin a Three-Hour Florida Notary Self-Assessment online at your own pace:
  3. Print your Certification of completion and give it to Payroll Comptroller.
  4. Fill out an Application that Payroll provides and gather your required documentation.
  5. Submit your signed Application package to Payroll and we will mail your application and pay for the Seal and Bond to get your commission.  The professional license cost $121, but Leo will pay for it!
  6. Receive your Commission and Notary stamp for 4 years
  7. You are on your way to being a Notary Trainee the next 3 weeks shadowing a senior Notary and completing 15 sessions of Notary Services to receive your merits.
  8. A framed certificate will be on its way, and you will be graduating from Postal Biz University!

Making Address Labels with Mail Merge

Rules of USPS First Class Parcel vs First Class Service Package
First Class Service Cheaper Package is a commercial rate discounted for Postalmate, cannot include personal correspondence except that such parcels may contain invoices, receipts, incidental advertising, and other documents that relate in all substantial respects to merchandise contained in the parcels.  It is subjected to inspection, whereas First Class Parcels are private, are closed against postal inspection. [MORE INFO].

Media Mail are NOT for correspondence documents, but only for books, Music Manuscripts or Education binders CDs or Medical loose-leaf pages.  Use a Report Cover (available $1).  [MORE INFO]

Email to Print Process

Understanding Booklet Printing


Virtual Mailbox Check Deposits

Obtain the name of the renter’s bank and their account number and save it under the “Notes” tab in the renter’s account.

Then, pick up some deposit slips from the renter’s bank. When a deposit request comes in, simply write “for deposit only” on the back of the check, fill out the deposit slip, and either drop it off at the bank or mail it in next day.  Update Virtual Mail system.

Student/Associate Lead

The Associate Store Lead is a position that is assigned to a staff to develop leadership. While on duty, the Lead is the Notary, attend to administrative tasks, complaints and incidents that require attention regardless of the time of day, in addition to the staff’s normal duties.

  • You are the Point contact – can substitute staff if anyone is out sick or has an emergency.  Call teammates and Notary backups.  Keep Leo updated of any changes for payroll purposes.
  • Supervise, ensure team members respond to list of tasks on Email.  If you don’t know the customer, just reply received.
  • Has a Publix store card to buy water and medical supplies
  • Responsible to exchange coins or small notes from Publix or Trustco
  • Restock Stamps from Reserves Box.
  • Supervise the staff to maintain, vacuum the store in the mornings during quiet time
  • Handle customer complaints, and escalate to Management as needed.  Offer the RED card to diffuse extreme situations.
  • Refund is called Reverse a credit card sale if they are the same day.  Can refund by cash if debit or under $10.  Refund all others by terminal, if a different day.  See white folder.  After refunding remember to adjust the register as a Return against the customer’s name, so history is captured accordingly.
  • For lost or damage packages, submit the receipt to Kena (claims coordinator).
  • Audit the 5 Zones.  Check, organize.

Internal Open Position

Available to Staff (Notary Public) who have worked 4 months or more.

  • Store Lead:   $23,040 annual.  10 vacations days, 5 days a week.

For Associate Lead Training

Reversal vs Refund on card payments

A Reversal is completed only on the same day and the transaction will typically disappear from a customer’s credit account statement within 24 hours, while a REFUND may take 3 to 5 business days to appear on a customer’s credit/debit account statement.

The detail steps are documented in the white folder by the fax machine.  The credit card must be present, you can do a refund, but if not present, we have to call it in with the transaction number and amount. Please inform the customer a refund will be completed by a Lead and may take 3 to 5 business days to appear on the customer’s statements.  Print a copy of the receipt from HISTORY, sale to be refunded to a Lead.

Manager Training

  • Employee
  • Covers the w-4 topic and w-4 calculator
  • Contractor 1099 Project Awards

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